Subway thinks the only way you can wear Halloween costumes is if you’re a size 0

I mean, REALLY Subway? In the ad, she food-shames her co-workers (who apparently only eat burgers when they aren’t going to wear swimsuits, which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard) and tells them that it’s “Halloween Costume Season” – and in order to be an attractive person in a costume, you must be thin. EXCUSE ME? I mean, first off, all her costume ideas are *yawn* so uninspired. You can do better. Why not dress as a Subway sandwich? A SEXY subway sandwich. No cheese, ’cause that’s fattening. But overall, this is all such BS. As if women needed more reasons and “seasons” we needed to diet in. I look at my health as a holistic part of who I am – and who I am is someone who, yes, loves pizza, oreos, and has a candy stash she dips into just a teeny bit every day at her desk. But I also love fresh summer salads, and running, and greek yogurt. It evens out. So let’s all just stop stressing out about seasons and costumes and clothes please. We’re gorgeous at exactly the size we are right now, and my halloween costume will be kickin’ no matter what size my waist is.


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AU Alumni, feminist, master of peanut butter brownies. Lover of Teddy Roosevelt, politics, analyzing popular culture, and general nerdery.

2 responses to “Subway thinks the only way you can wear Halloween costumes is if you’re a size 0”

  1. Jenny Rose says :

    Nice post liked it so much i choose Bride of Frankenstein Elite Adult Costume is it ok.

  2. chester says :

    Awesome Feminist videos on youtube !!!

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