About Becka

Becka is a recent graduate of American University in Washington, D.C. with a degree in Communications (concentration: Media

I took this photo of myself at work after realizing I had very few professional-looking photos of myself. I wonder what, if anything, that says about me…

& Government) currently working at a fabulous women’s non-profit in DC. Becka is a feminism, politics, media, pop culture and history junkie and often enjoys geeking out about said topics on her blog.

Becka began Becka Tells All as a project for a Reporting/Journalism class and loved it so much, she continued the process after the semester ended, blogging for her internships and as a guest blogger at websites like The F Bomb and GrrlBeat, as well as a featured blogger at sites like Experimentations Of a Teenage Feminist. She is the creator/editor of Couch Potatoes with a Cause, the Feminist TV Club and is a co-creator of and contributor to Moxie (look for our launch this fall!).

Becka’s Contact Info:
E-mail: becka.e.wall (at) gmail.com
Twitter: beckawall

(All opinions on my blog are obviously my own and don’t necessarily reflect those of my employer. Common sense, people.)


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