This Hilarious Drawing of The Avengers Shows Every Frustration I Have With Nerd Culture

Obvious statement of the day: I am a giant nerd. I can quote Star Wars and Indiana Jones to you like it is my JOB. I belong to a science-fiction book club. But why, oh why oh why, does every girl in nerd culture have to wear skin-tight outfits and pose in the most “sexy” position possible? Which is why when I saw this, I instantly guffawed:

It is 100% genius, and I love it. Look at the Hulk. LOOK AT HIM.

But seriously. What is up, nerd-merica? I understand that nerd culture does unfortunately focus on pandering to men, and that I am not the first to write about this by any means, but every nerdy guy I know has acknowledged at least a little bit how ridiculous the imagery of women is in all things nerd-tastic. But why does Hollywood seem to think that this is the only way that men will be interested in seeing a woman on screen in an action movie? Newsflash: it’s an action movie. Those who are interested were going to go see it anyway. Scarlett Johanssen in black spandex, while it doesn’t hurt (seriously – that girl is SMOKIN’), doesn’t make or break people’s decisions to see the movie.

What are your thoughts? Leave ’em in the comments.


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AU Alumni, feminist, master of peanut butter brownies. Lover of Teddy Roosevelt, politics, analyzing popular culture, and general nerdery.

One response to “This Hilarious Drawing of The Avengers Shows Every Frustration I Have With Nerd Culture”

  1. Robbie Lee says :

    I laughed aloud when I saw this! It’s often frustrating to see how women are portrayed in nerd culture. As far as I’m aware, geeky men aren’t geeks because “that’s where all the sexy women are.” While attractive characters are certainly a plus in action films, the story makes or breaks the movie, not sex

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