All I know is that I care about this problem, and I want to make it better.

Emma Watson gave an amazing speech on feminism, gender equality around the globe, and the need for men to rise up and speak out this weekend at the U.N.

If you haven’t watched it yet (and you should, because it is amazing):

This speech is so perfect, I barely know where to begin. She discusses the fact that feminism is NOT about hating men, but is instead about creating a world where your worth is not determined by your gender. She talks about the stigmas that stop so few from remaining open to feminism and how it could help them. She hits the way gender stereotypes hurt not only women, but men as well. The fact that inequality is a GLOBAL problem – no country can say it is truly one where women and men are equal. That sometimes, caring passionately about an issue, speaking up; and then working to make it better is truly the most important thing we can do.

But most importantly, in my eyes, is the fact that she uses her speech as a call to arms for men to get involved in the cause. Gender inequality hurts us all. While women see the harshest results of a patriarchal society, men see them too. When any group is unequal, society is unequal. Period. When we fight together for equality, we all win.

Emma Watson gets that.


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