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New post up at the NWLC!

My awesome job lets me blog about cool things, like Danica McKellar and how she’s a great role model for girls in STEM. Yay! Read it.

New post up on Grrrl Beat!

It’s on Paul Ryan, his views on abortion/rape, and the agony of short media attention spans. Read it here.

New post on Katniss Everdeen up on The F-Bomb!

Fans of the Hunger Games, rejoice! Check it out here.

My “Love Letter to Lisa Simpson” is up on Grrrl Beat!

What’s that? You want to read it? I don’t blame you. Click away.

Debut post on The White House Project’s new blog!

“The Female Director Substance Problem” is up as my first post on the White House Project’s new tumblr! Check it out here.

New Post up on The F Bomb!

“Hold on. Are the Kardashians Feminists?” is officially online! I’m prepared for the barrage of naysayers, but it’s worth thinking about. Check it out here.