Things Every Girl Should Know About: Circle of 6

There’s a reason that our cell phones have become major tools of ensuring our personal safety – we can look up maps, bus schedules, crime statistics, and call for help all with that little device in our pockets. But Circle of 6 has perfected the key things you need in uncomfortable situations or emergencies into one easy to use app.

You can set up your circle of 6 people you’re closest with that live in your city or that you would want to help you in a moment of crisis (i.e., I put my Mom on there even though she lives in New York – because she would certainly call me or make sure my friends were on their way to help me get home safe). It links with your GPS to send your location and address to friends in a pre-written text, so all you have to do is open the app, hit the button, and press “send”. There’s also a direct hotline button for rape or relationship abuse, and you can add a custom number (such as your local police station) to call as well.

It makes me feel safer – no longer do I need to turn on my GPS, remember the address, text it to 6 people, and write out a message. I can set it up so that quickly and efficiently, Circle of 6 does all the work for me. Download it! It’s awesome.


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