Ohio Republicans, get out of my uterus

Yesterday, the Ohio House of Representatives voted to ban abortions after a fetal heart rate is detectable – which can be as early as 6 weeks into the pregnancy. If enacted, the law would challenge the guidelines set in place by Roe v. Wade – which gives women 22-24 weeks to make that decision (the first trimester).

To put into context of how ridiculous it is, consider this:

  • Women only menstruate every 28 days
  • If you just had your period a couple of days before having sex, and used proper protection, and then don’t realize until your period is a week late, You have only one week to decide what to do.

How is that even a remotely productive option? Women who get abortions come to that decision over a number of days or sometimes weeks, and it is not an easy decision to make. The point is to have the option open for women for them to consider, not for them to have an abortion just because they feel pressured by deadlines.

Not to mention what an assault on women’s rights this is. These lawmakers are invading my right to privacy as a woman, and violating my constitutional rights. I sincerely hope this doesn’t pass the senate, but I have a feeling that’s exactly what will happen since Republicans are the majority in the state Senate as well.


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2 responses to “Ohio Republicans, get out of my uterus”

  1. AwesomeAim says :

    It’s not even as if they could guarantee that all those babies would have a father and be cared for. What would happen if this was passed? I know a friend that actually hammered her pregnancy out of herself; is that what women will resort to? “Accidental” falls?

    • beckawall says :

      It’s certainly possible. Before Roe v. Wade, that’s often the way abortions happened – they were “accidents” preformed with things like wire hangers. This is why abortion protection is so important – they protect women’s health!

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