Top 11 Comedy Heroines: Tina Fey

01. Tina Fey . Some of you are rolling your eyes right now. “Haven’t we talked about her enough?”, you’re wondering. The answer is maybe yes, but in my opinion – never. See, Elizabeth Stamtina/”Tina” Fey is someone that every girl can and should look up to not only as a comedian, but as a person.

Fey grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia, was an involved and active honors student in her high school. She developed her love of comedy herself after watching The Honeymooners and Young Frankenstein as a kid, and followed her passion after graduating college by moving to Chicago and starting at Second City.

Fey worked tirelessly to get to where she is today; and she’s a fantastic example of how anyone can break into comedy and achieve their dreams if they work hard at it; and how it’s possible to acheive some modicum of work-life balance – she has a wonderful marriage and a beautiful kid.

That’s not even including the fact that the woman is a comedic genius. Her sketches from SNL (like the Denise and Sully ones), the movie Mean Girls, every moment of 30 Rock, and her Sarah Palin impersonation make me literally laugh out loud.

A Few Choice Tina Fey Quotes

“I was a mostly happy child, though I had a pretty rough puberty. Growing up as a girl is always traumatizing, especially when you have the deadly combination of greasy skin and getting your boobs at ten. But I think it’s good to grow up that way. Builds character.”

“The first time I went to see a Second City show, I was in awe of everything. I just wanted to touch the same stage that Gilda Radner had walked on. It was sacred ground.”

“There are a couple of things I want to impart to ladies who want to be in comedy: One, you don’t have to be weird or be quirky to get your job done. And two, comedy skill is not sexually transmittable. You do not have to sleep with a comedian to learn what you’re doing. Male comedians will not like that advice, but it is the truth.”
“The difference between male comedy writers and female comedy writers is that the male ones are taller and weigh more. They also fake-rape each other more. Female comedy writers pretty much never fake-rape each other. The women comedy writers do not urinate in cups around the office.”
“Apparently I’m only the third woman ever to receive this award [the Mark Twain Award for American Humor], and I am honored to be numbered among Whoopi Goldberg and Lily Tomlin, but I do hope that woman are acheiving at a rate these days that we can counting what number they are at things.”

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