What Really Motivates Us

As a student about to enter the working force, this idea greatly interests me. As a student, I’ve had the magnificent ability to make my own schedule. I learn for the sake of learning, more often than not – taking classes in subjects that are beyond just “this teaches me this applicable skill” and genuinely becoming a better person. But the working world doesn’t quite value that as much. We’re taught and told to do things because they raise profits, because we’ll be rewarded. But this video points out a great thing – there’s a reason we don’t love work like that. We need to feel fulfilled, satisfied, like we’ve achieved something real that satisfies us. I mean, of course, money is nice and necessary, but we also need personal fulfillment. Something to think about!


About beckawall

AU Alumni, feminist, master of peanut butter brownies. Lover of Teddy Roosevelt, politics, analyzing popular culture, and general nerdery.

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