Bootylicious advertising campaign?

… or degradation of women?

Would you want to advertise this on your butt?

Recently, KFC has started a new advertising campaign, hiring attractive young women (aged 18-25) to wear sweatpants that say “Double Down” on them and essentially flirt with guys on college campuses (KFC’s best customers – this doesn’t surprise me) in an effort to get them to buy the KFC sandwiches.

The president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), has said that she believes this is obnoxious and using women’s bodies to sell unhealthy products.

Personally, I think that anybody selling this nast looking sandwich (pictured to the left) should probably reconsider their job and look for a new one that doesn’t involve saying KFC’s pre-processed cheese is “delicious”, but that’s another story entirely. And this is coming from somebody who is actually a fan of moderate amounts of KFC – I mean come on; who doesn’t love an extra-crispy drumstick every once in while?

As a defense for their actions, KFC said that companies and sororities have been putting their name on women’s behinds via

sweatpants and workout shorts for years – and he has a point. All over campus, I see girls wearing sweatpants with their sorority’s letters all over them and even brands (“Juicy” is the one that produces a “face-palm” the most often) or sayings.

While I can’t say I love the ad campaign – nor do I get it – I can’t help but wonder if KFC is really to blame for this issue. While their defense is weak – “But everyone else has an ad campaign on a girls’ butt!” – There is a kernel of truth in there. Why do young women – my peers –  allow the agendas of corporations and groups to be put on their behinds? We know people read the letters there. We can feel the eyes on our butt as we walk. It is kind of degrading – an engraved invitation to look at our asses. So why do we still do it? I suppose it has some positive feelings of attention being paid that come with it, but is that the kind of attention we want?

I’m not entirely sure, but I do know one thing: Even if it is written on these girls’ behinds, I’m not eating that sandwich.


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AU Alumni, feminist, master of peanut butter brownies. Lover of Teddy Roosevelt, politics, analyzing popular culture, and general nerdery.

One response to “Bootylicious advertising campaign?”

  1. wittywife says :

    I have to agree with you. This isn’t KFC’s fault. And this isn’t the fault of men for exploiting women.

    NOW believes they are ‘using’ women’s bodies to sell food.

    Give me a BREAK. When are people going to start taking some accountability? KFC didn’t force anyone to wear anything.

    These girls chose to wear these things in return for cash. End of story.

    In my personal opinion, they are selling themselves short and in a way, exploiting themselves, but if they want to do it, so be it. For NOW to get involved is BS – these women/girls are making their own decision.

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