When will we get a different kind of Buddy Comedy?

The formula is so familiar to us by now, I barely think I need to explain it to you: A bunch of men, feeling themselves beginning to grow a little bit older, all check back in with each other – all childhood chums – and check out their wives and kids and ride motorcycles.

Wild Hogs, Grown Ups, heck, maybe even a little bit of The Hangover – these films promote heteronormal behavior. There’s never a gay pal, “one of the guys” who just happened to grow up and be gay.

I think it might be time to change that.

I’m sure there must be COUNTLESS numbers of middle aged men who are discovering that guys they played with as kids or grew up with are gay  now, living with a partner and adopting kids. There must be a way we can work this in there – not because we should feel forced to, but because it feels almost unnatural that it never comes up, never questioned.

Until we start recognizing in the media and our culture – through the news, radio, tv shows, reality shows, movies, books – that sexuality isn’t limited to just the heterosexual kind, the better off we’ll all be.


About beckawall

AU Alumni, feminist, master of peanut butter brownies. Lover of Teddy Roosevelt, politics, analyzing popular culture, and general nerdery.

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