Fact-Checking: Why don’t we value it?

Bloggers everywhere have been calling out Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and other such Media Celebrities for as long as we all can remember – it’s a constant battle.

In fact, a couple of nights ago, Jon Stewart (who, in case you couldn’t all tell from my constant JS Love, is my favorite person EVER and my dream employer) ripped Glenn Beck apart for arrogantly saying that he was the “only one” to air the footage showing the violence against Israeli soldiers on the Flotilla during the raid last week.

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Jon Stewart’s constant fact-checking the fact-checkers (the media) really made me think: What IS it about the U.S. Media where we just listen to whatever they say? I’m somewhat guilty of it myself, sometimes hearing only what I want to hear and reluctantly fact-checking it later, only after someone challenges me.

But so many in our country just don’t care. Or are ignorant to it. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter – they didn’t gain their popularity on being factual and hearing all sides of the story. And it’s not just conservative pundits who are guilty of this: news show hosts on all of the 24-hour networks – CNN, MSNBC, etc. – use polls from their viewers or twitter updates as news or indicators of public opinion.

We love to watch these shows – they get ratings – and people have huge fan. So what’s the deal? Are these news shows even really news?

Many would point out to me that they’re mostly commentary, and I suppose that’s a fair assessment. The better question to be asking is, really, why do so many take it as news?

Yea, this question has been beaten like a dead horse. I’m aware. But to this day it still baffles me. Why don’t we question the media more? Does Jon Stewart have to point it all out to us? And why do these waffle-heads have such high ratings? Could it possibly be true that we WANT them to lie to us?

I’d like to think I have too much faith in humanity to believe it… but maybe not.


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