BP told to stop blocking media access: FINALLY.

So BP Oil has been raping and pillaging the environment; killing wildlife; halting the fishing economy across the region; having little oil turds show up on Florida beaches during family vacations; etcetera.

And we’re all just a little ticked off about it.

But today, news came out from the Huffington Post that the Government is calling for BP to stop denying Media Access to the crisis in the gulf.

Really, BP? You’ve had the balls to restrict media access to your disasterous spill that destroyed ecosystems? NEWSFLASH SWEETIES: WE CAN SEE THE OIL SPILL FROM THE SKY. IN AIRPLANES. Those birds that show up on the beach covered in oil? THEY AREN’T YOUR BIRDS. Last I checked, BP didn’t own birds in the gulf coast.

What? You’re afraid we’ll find out? NEWS FLASH: WE KNOW. I figured it out. It’s kind of a giveaway.

Sometimes corporations baffle me.


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