Citizens United: What an Ironic Name for a Case

OK, so this past semester I took a class back at AU called “Legal Aspects of Communications”. It was informative, and I learned alot,  but that’s besides the point. The whole semester we talked endlessly about the case Citizens United v. FEC, discussing whether Corporations have a right to spend in Corporate Campaigns.

In every commentary I wrote for the class, I staunchly stood against any potential rulings with Citizens United (a corporation promoting their political views through Hillary: The Movie). A corporation is not a person. They don’t have a mouth; they don’t vote. Their money shouldn’t be able to influence the electoral campaigns, to influence our personal opinions, or have the possibility to.

I can’t say I completely understand this ruling, and am reading into it more to try to find their statements. For now, this video from Jon Stewart will have to sum up my feelings:


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