Wheaties can cure your Swine!

Apparently, Kellogg’s Cereals have been advertising that they can boost your child’s Immune system, capitalizing on parents’ H1N1 (aka Swine Flu) fears (Via Newser).

The company says that they’ve been working on this since way before the Swine Flu scare even started and the ingredients do help promote some degree of an immunity boost; but I have to say, it’s masterful timing. I mean, it’s practically a marketer’s wet dream – although they’ll never admit it.

I've never had a cold!Of course, one would conclude that the amount of which that box of Cocoa Krispies is actually going to help boost your immune system is so ridiculously minimal, it’s almost funny that they would advertise it on the box. But shoot, since it’s on the box, it MUST be true! So eat up, kids – Tony the Tiger’s never even had so much as a cold – never mind the swine flu!


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