Rush Limbaugh thinks AIDS is fake.

Oh, you heard me right. Rush Limbaugh thinks AIDS IS A FAKE DISEASE.


You tell 'im, Africa. (c) Becka Tells All 2009


According to Limbaugh, both H1N1 (aka the Swine Flu) and AIDS are money-making schemes (hear what he has to say here). Limbaugh thinks that AIDS has been over-hyped in Africa in order to keep the cash flowing in for research about and medicine for the disease and those who have it. Limbaugh says the Swine Flu is part of the same line of scam, a way for the Obama administration to make money off of us through swine flu vaccines.

Where do I even Begin!? WHAT THE HELL. AIDS is not a made up issue in Africa. There are people seriously suffering from this disease and lack of treatment for it. I can’t believe that anyone would even say a thing like that. ughhhh.


This is the thing about Rush Limbaugh that drives me INSANE – he just says things with absolutely no basis in fact, and a pretty high amount of people believe him. They believe what he has to say – even when it’s refuting one of the worst epidemics of all time.


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5 responses to “Rush Limbaugh thinks AIDS is fake.”

  1. davisoftheapes1 says :

    Oh Bullshit. I work during the day, but, I like to listen to Rush when I can. I’m sure that your statement is taken out of context. Please cite proof or authentication of your accusation. Rush Limbaugh is someone who is villified by those who either don’t listen or who are trying to convince those who don’t listen that he is a fake, liar, fool or snake oil salesman. I’ve heard him, Michael Moore, Al Franken, Christopher Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. All have their points of view, good points, bad points, etc.

    I do, however, comprehend your chagrin. I wouldn’t listen to Bill Maher or Rosie O’Donnel if my life depended on it.

  2. davisoftheapes1 says :

    Whoops, My apologies, Becca. I missed the link the first time I read your post. I listened to the YouTube sound byte, twice. Rush did NOT say that the Swine Flu and Aids is fake. He said that it may be that the number of cases is being inflated and hyped. He stated that people are scared to death of getting the swine flu and think they are going to die if they do. So, they go to clinics, doctors, etc. and receive antibiotics, in addition to or instead of the vaccination. He is opining that there are disreputable medical care providers, clinics, etc. He also says that he is three times as smart as Kathleen Sebelius. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. I think that you, and a lot of other people, object to him because he is a person of strong opinion. He is loud, boisterous and appears to have an extremely high opinion of himself. Not an endearing quality, but, doesn’t really negate his points of view on subjects.

    I agree with him that Government programs seek to enroll more and more people in their programs. Schools receive more money when they have more students that are (or can be) classified as special needs children. The more kids that cannot afford school breakfasts and lunches, the more funds the school receives.

    HIV is real. Everybody knows that. I pity those that are infected with it. ESPECIALLY those who contract it innocently like hemophiliacs. I consider a lot of it a choice, though. Don’t sleep around and don’t share needles. If you do, you might get aids. Don’t put a damn bullet in a revolver, spin it and then hold it to your head and pull the trigger. It’s pretty stupid.

    I don’t believe for a millisecond that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have my best interests at heart. Yours either.

  3. JohnElligott says :

    He’s actually right… HIV is a harmless retrovirus and AIDS just means that you have a low immune system because of the damage done to it.

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