This gives a WHOLE new meaning to a girl’s “first pair of heels.”

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OK, come on.

According to the Ideeli blog, little Suri Cruise is wearing high heels. First of all, Katie Holmes, CUT SURI’S HAIR. She’s starting to look a little raggedy. Secondly, WHAT CHILD WEARS HIGH HEELED SHOES?

cutenessbackgroundNow, I know all about making your kids fashionable. Hey, when I babysit, I am not ashamed to admit that I love playing dress-up most of all because little kids in cute outfits is just an explosion of cuteness. But little high heels for kids is something that belongs in a dress-up box, not something you actually buy for your child to wear in real life.


And get this: Crazy Celebrities aren’t the only people who do this. REAL people do it too. In fact, there’s a whole market for moms who want to dress up their kids in high heeled shoes: in fact, there’s already a product out there that caters to their every need and makes these high heels in pink, black, and even cowboy boots.

I’m somewhat unsure where this trend came from. DO people show their babies off? Does the most fashionable baby win the nicest spit-up bib in the store?


There are no words.

My assumption for most of these mothers is that they think it’s cute and a way to make their little girl feel more grown up. But what’s wrong with letting your little girl feel like, you know – a little girl? As a kid, I loved playing dress up; sure; but for the most part I really enjoyed rolling around in the grass and playing hopscotch and with my American Girl Dolls (yea, that’s right – Molly owners representtt). I liked being a little girl – even if it meant I couldn’t wear the same shoes mommy did. I understood that was a grown-up thing; something that came later.

I actually kind of want these in my size. Payless/other chain outlet I can afford, get on this.

When I bought my first pair of real heels, I became a member of the dark side. They made me look taller, my calves look slimmer, and made me look grown up. But this didn’t happen until I was almost 16 years old. Up until then, I was simply too young. Sure, I wore flats with a slight heel on the back, but those didn’t really count. My first pair of high heels were pricey for a 16 year old, and I had coveted them for weeks. I still have them now – they’re my favorite pair of shoes ever, and I only bring them out for special occasions. What little girl needs that special of a pair of shoes? What BABY really cares?I guess parents think it’s funny, but what’s so funny about a piece of foam on the back of your baby’s shoe? Does that really help development?

Is this going to create expectations for boy babies? Are they going to start talking about sexy a baby looks in her little high heels? (could you imagine? That would actually be kind of hilarious.)

You people out there are crazy. Someone explain this to me. Please.


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One response to “This gives a WHOLE new meaning to a girl’s “first pair of heels.””

  1. Van Ontiveroz says :

    Does anybody know where I can find designer clothing for my toddler?

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