Tyra’s Got a Brand New ‘Do

You go, girl!

You go, girl!

As I’m sure most of you have heard, Tyra is premiering the new season of her talk show with a different hairstyle this week – a natural one.

I found this extremely interesting because in my Anthropology of American Life class this semester we’re talking about black women and their identity and how it can so clearly be shaped by hair. Black women have struggled with balancing their heritage and identity with how their hair looks – some feel in order to be taken seriously; they must perm and relax their hair in order to make it appear more “white”; while others feel that if they leave it in its natural state, they can still be taken seriously in a business and professional setting.

So good for you Tyra Banks for letting your natural self shine through. Your example as an African-American woman wearing her hair naturally will hopefully trickle down to younger black girls and remind them that their hair is perfect just the way it is.



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One response to “Tyra’s Got a Brand New ‘Do”

  1. burgundyhaze says :

    I hope one day that every one will be able to accept their natural hair.

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