What a hussy!

What a hussy!

The Sudanese morality police arrested a woman and gave her 40 lashes for wearing a pair of pants this week.

“The trousers in question were so voluminous that the Sudanese morality police who accosted her on July 3 were obliged to have her turn around several times so they could determine whether she was garbed in a skirt – which would have been acceptable – or a pair of pants, which would be deemed offensive.

At the time of her arrest, the Sudanese journalist was ensconced at the Kawkab al-Sharq café in downtown Khartoum – a congenial place where urban sophisticates sip coffee while browsing the Internet on laptop computers – but the police immediately spirited her away, along with a dozen other women who were also deemed to have offended public morality because of the clothes they wore. Those arrested all wound up at al-Nizam al-`Aam – the court of public order.”
(via TheStar.com)

Really, Sudanese morality police? Really? Are you aware that a skirt allows a man the potential to look up a woman’s skirt at her undergarments; whereas pants covers you up more completely? SIGH.

Update (9/7/09): Woman was not lashed, but did have to pay $200 (via NYT). Not quite as barbaric, but still absurd.


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