Way to Take Charge, Obama!!

Lets hope theres no more sitting around on Capitol Hill

Let's hope there's no more sittin' here on Capitol Hill.....

YES! According to CNN, The White House is “quietly working to draft Health Care Legislation after allowing Congress to work on it’s own for months.”

Finally, Obama is taking cues from Clinton’s health care debacle in the 90’s and taking charge of the situation on his own. In the 90’s; Clinton seemed to lose track of his message and instead respond to every little issue that came up in the media instead of channel that energy and those resources into drafting any sort of legislation for Congress to take a look at. Obama seems to be waking up to the fact that this is not going to get done on it’s own; and that his message is beginning to get lost in the tide of he-said/she-said and the politics game.

After Ted Kennedy passed away; there was so much discussion of how to best honor his memory and best take action on his life-long fight for better healthcare. Now that the lion of the Senate is gone, everyone wants to know how to make his roar be heard; so to speak. Well, passing helthcare reform is the perfect way to do that. Kennedy worked his whole life to see legaslation like this passed.

Healthcare is a basic need. Nobody should have to not receive the health care they need because they can’t afford it; and nobody should go broke because they got the care they needed. When you’re sick, you need to see a doctor. PERIOD. End of story. It doesn’t matter how rich or how poor you are; how good your job benefits are; where you work; whether you work part or full time – your health is the most important thing. It’s what keeps our economy running (you have to be healthy to go to work); it’s what keeps us going and giving us the power to make this world a better place; or at the very least to acheive our own personal goals.

So; my darling Conservatives in Congress – THINK ABOUT THAT. If you pass the health care reform legislation; not only will you be granting a basic human need and right to all the people in our nation, but you’ll be helping our Economy. Chew on that.


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