Oh, Sarah. You provide me with an ENDLESS Amount of Material.

So I was in my Legal Aspects of Communications class this morning, and we were given the task to find cases relating to certain aspects of Communications Law using the online resources he posted online for us, and I stumbled across this and proceeded to share it with the class – because it’s that hilarious:

“Sarah Palin, then Governor of Alaska, sent a cease and desist letter to Shoe Latif, a Houston-based DJ, who redirected traffic from her website crackho.com to Palin’s official website. The cease and desist letter claimed that crackho.com had “hijacked a state of Alaska webpage.” It also claimed that crackho.com used the official seal of Alaska in violation of an Alaska state law prohibiting use of the official seal without permission. Palin also claimed that the use of an official state website without permission was a violation of copyright law. Shoe took down her redirect and Palin never filed suit.” (via Citizen Media Law Project)

COME ON. This is hysterical. No matter what your political leanings are; you must admit it’s a pretty clever idea. Make an insulting website name and link it to your least favorite person’s webpage? Touche, Houston-based DJ. Touche.

Of course; it helps me appreciate the humor considering the fact I can’t stand Sarah Palin. And not because she’s an ultra-conservative who has stood against many of the issues that need addressing and changes – although that certainly doesn’t help – but because she’s freaking crazy; and even more ignorant. She speaks without thinking; acts selfishly and thinks only of herself and her own personal advancement.

Palin promotes exactly what I can’t stand. She is an advocate of that uber-conservatism way of thinking that says, “my way of thinking is the only way of thinking; and if you think differently, I refuse to listen to your opinion. She promotes not allowing yourself to grow, to learn, to listen to different points of view. She doesn’t take responsibility for her actions, and instead blames all her problems and mistakes on vague, easy-to-blame entities like “the media” and “the liberals”. UGH.

So good for you, Shoe Latif, for stickin’ it to Sarah Palin once again. 🙂

/rant ends now. 🙂

Edit: I recently realized that that photo of Palin was actually photoshopped, and I was wrong to include it to suggest Palin’s incompetence as an elected official – a. because it wasn’t real and b. because it wasn’t the core point I was trying to make. I regret the error, and the photo has been removed.


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3 responses to “Oh, Sarah. You provide me with an ENDLESS Amount of Material.”

  1. burgundyhaze says :

    Well, I may not agree with most of Palin’s politics, but I think Shoe is pretty low class.

    And about the picture: What. Are female politicians not allowed to wear bikinis and have guns? Come on it’s 2009. I really don’t understand your little comment there. I don’t know about you, but I think females should be able to do and look how they please, no matter their job.

    I hope the next person who runs for president is a cool and tough ass chick who has classic length purple hair! I wont vote for her just because of her hair though. That would be hairism. And everyone knows that’s just evil.

    • beckawall says :

      @burgandyhaze – The issue at hand is not who is low class, but a right of free speech. Palin is notorious for dismissing all criticisms of herself and blaming them on other people instead of taking responsibility for herself and her own actions.

      As for the picture – What I meant to insinuate was not that female politicians are not allowed to wear bikinis and have guns. First of all, guns should be illegal; period end of story. Their main purpose is to kill people; and when our Forefathers wrote the bill of rights they were thinking of a citizen’s militia, not Sarah Palin’s right to protect herself against tiny critters and liberals. Of COURSE women should be able to dress and look as they please no matter their job – that’s my main point in my post above about Tyra Banks. What I instead meant was; this woman wanted to be vice president – and she doesn’t even have enough sense to respect how dangerous and serious it is to hold a huge shotgun in your hand.

      And I hope the next woman who runs for president does have that badass of a hairstyle! Just because purple is an awesome color. hah!

      Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

      • burgundyhaze says :

        I’m sorry, but I still don’t get it. Why do you assume she doesn’t have the sense to respect proper gun use or know how to handle a gun? Is it because she’s posing with a gun like that? A flash from the camera isn’t going to make the gun go off. How is she any different than anyone else who has held a gun? They do have gun saftey classes and stuff like that.

        Criminals use guns to kill people. If you make something illegal, criminals aren’t going to respect that law. They will still have guns. On the other hand, law abiding citizens wont. That makes any confrontations with these low lifes unfair. I’ve been in enough situations to know that I need something to protect myself with. Hell, even if the attacker(s) don’t have a gun, I still want one to use against them. I’m a 120 pound women, and most robbers, rapist, and people who just attack others for fun are men. Often in groups of 2 or more. I think women especially deserve to have an “equalizer” against these attacks. It’s fine if you don’t want a gun, but banning them takes the choice away from those who do.

        The only way to make a law like that work would be to make guns not exist anymore, which would be hard because the average person can make their own gun if they research it. And lets say suddenly the technology to make guns doesn’t exist anymore. Well, then your going to have to ban knifes, hammers, and anything else that people can hurt others with.

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