Full House: Why don’t I live there?

Becka Tanner has a nice ring to it...

Becka Tanner has a nice ring to it...

OK First of all, why did we ever scoff at Full House? This show is great. Cute boys (Steve); loads of awesome ’90’s fashion (thanks, DJ Tanner, for convincing me to wear a plaid shirt all through 5th grade!), and funny parents.

Life simply isn’t as much fun when you live in a nuclear family with fairly normal parents and a teenage sister. Why can’t I have a funny Uncle Joey who does Tazmanian Devil impressions or a suave Uncle Jesse who plays with his band in the basement and owns a motorcycle? And can you imagine how much fun it would be to have two young cousins in the house? So cute.

AND; they have such nice heart-to heart conversations all the time. And every episode in their life wraps up so nicely. Must be nice to have life like that.

But, yes, I know that isn’t real. It’s nice to think about though; isn’t it? And, I gotta say, I’m glad I don’t have to share a bathroom with like 8 other people. That would kinda get annoying. I guess things can stay the way they are for now… but Steve, the offer still stands: I have a leftover fridge chock full of frozen pizza.


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